There's nothing like a severe headache to make you feel too tired.

Migraine is a chronic disease with episodic attacks.

Too much stress, fatigue, fasting, lack of sleep, and the weather are the most frequent causes of migraines..

Anam Golandaz, Clinical Dietitian, Masina Hospital, Mumbai, says that about

20 percent of migraine sufferers claim that there are certain foods that trigger migraines.

Although dietary factors are less frequent, many researchers are becoming more interested in how they affect migraine episodes.

The traditional and most commonly cited food triggers of migraines include

red wine, coffee, chocolate, cheese, citrus fruits, nuts, processed meats, monosodium glutamate and aspartame.

She adds, “One of the most common food-based migraine triggers is chocolate.

It is thought that headaches get better when these items are avoided.