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8 Best Indian Female Singers: Voices That Attracted

Best Indian Female Singers:- Music which gives us a lot of relaxation, a better music reduces the stress of our life, brings new energy to the mind and gives the courage to do something. Our country which is a culture rich country has many such singers, musicians and There have been lyricists whose voice gives comfort to the ears, their songs attract people to themselves and in today’s post, we are going to share some such Will tell about the female singer, whose knowledge attracts people towards her.

In today’s post, we tell about the Female Singer (Indian lady singer)of India, whose voice is very famous and people wait for whose song.

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This list of best female singers of India which we are going to tell you in this post will force you to search and listen to the super hit songs sung by them I am sure that you will read this post sung by those great artists. Great music songs will be remembered and you will enjoy listening to them.

Starting with Lata Mangeshkar popularly known as Swara Kokila, in our post, we will talk about artists like Sunidhi Chauhan, Shreya Ghoshal, Neha Kakkar, who is included in the list of best Indian female legislators of Bollywood and who has been recognized as the queen of music in Bollywood industry.

List of Best indian Female Singers in India

Best indian Female Singers in India
Best Female Singer in india

Let’s start our post and tell you 10 famous female Singers of India who ruled Bollywood with their music and singing.

1. Lata Mangeshkar

Lata Mangeshkar is considered by many as the best singer of India.Lata Mangeshkar has sung more than 1000 songs, Lata Mangeshkar was awarded the Bharat Ratna in the year 2001.Lata Mangeshkar was born on 28 September 1929, she was born in Indore city of Madhya Pradesh state. Lata Mangeshkar died on 1 February 1922 at the age of 92 in the city of Mumbai, India Lata Mangeshkar was also known as Queen of Melody ,Nightingale of India, Voice of Millennium .

Image Source – Times of India

2. Asha Bhosle

Asha Bhosle is fondly called by the name of Asha Tai, whenever it comes to the most versatile singers in India, Asha Bhosle’s name comes at the top. Be it music or bhajan or qawwali, you will be surprised to know that Asha Bhosle is the sister of Lata Mangeshkar and of course Asha Bhosle is the best female singer in Bollywood accepted as . Asha Bhosle is the best female singer in Bollywood Asha Bhosle’s name has been accepted in the Guinness Book of World Records as the most recorded artist in music history. Asha Bhosle was born on 8 September 1933. Born in Maharashtra state of India.

Asha Bhosle
Image Source – Wikipedia

3.Shreya Ghoshal

Oh! What is the name !!! Shreya’s name itself sounds sweet like honey. Shreya has been ruling the music industry since many years. Shreya who started off with a bang at a very young age. Shreya who is rich in versatility. Shreya first appeared in the singing show on TV, after which she was offered to sing in Devdas at the age of 16, Shreya also received her National Film Award for the song that Devdas. Songs like ‘Judu Hai Nasha Hai’ sung by Shreya, which opened up Shreya’s image as a versatile singer. Shreya who is definitely considered the queen of romantic songs and top female singers in india .

Shreya Ghoshal

Shreya Ghoshal Female Singer in India

4. Sunidhi Chauhan

Sunidhi Chauhan is one of the best Indian female singers in today’s time. Sunidhi Chauhan’s amazing throw in her voice is her hallmark. Sunidhi Chauhan has sung all kinds of songs, be it romantic songs, dance numbers, sad songs and many more genres.Sunidhi Chauhan started singing only at the age of four and Sunidhi Chauhan made her debut only at the age of 12.Among his songs Dhoom Machale, Deedar De, have been his top hits in the beginning.

Even in today’s times, his energetic songs like his song Sheela Ki Jawani are still not out of our mind.

image 4
Sunidhi Chauhan Best Indian Female Singers

5. Alka Yagnik

Alka Yagnik has definitely been included in the category of Best Singer in India. Alka Yagnik made a great pairing with Kumar Sanu and Udit Narayan. Songs like ‘Chura Ke Dil Mera’ and ‘Mera Dil Bhi Kitna Pagal’ by Alka Yagnik are very popular. Alka Yagnik was such a huge hit in its time that almost every film had at least one song sung by her.

Alka Yagnik

6. Kavita Krishnamurti

Kavita Krishnamurti whose beautiful voice has given us some of the most popular, heartwarming songs of all time. Kavita Krishnamurti is the voice behind Songs Miss Hawa Hawaii. Yes, he has sung this superhit dance number from the film Mr India, filmed on Sridevi. Kavita Krishnamurti Songs Most popular songs include ‘Tumse milk na jane kyun’ and ‘Aaj Main Upar’. Kavita Krishnamurti has sung songs not only in Hindi but also in many South Indian languages.

Kavita Krishnamurti
Kavita Krishnamurti Female Singer in India

7. Neha Kakkar

Neha Kakkar started her musical journey when she was very young, by singing songs in Jagrat. Neha Kakkar has been at the top of the charts ever since she entered Bollywood. She soon rose to fame with songs like Second Hand Jawaani, Sunny Sunny and then with the top hit London Thumkra. His song Dilbar is rocking the dance floor with songs like Dilbar. Neha’s sister Sonu Kakkar and her brother Tony Kakkar are also popular singers.

neha kakkar
Neha kakkar (Indian Lady Singer)

8. Tulsi Kumar

Tulsi Kumar is the daughter of T-Series founder Gulshan Kumar. Tulsi Jo’s new generation singer Tulsi Kumar has lent her voice to some of the most touching songs. She got a lot of attention for her song Tum Jo Aaye from the film Once Upon a Time in Mumbai.

Tulsi kumar

Conclusion :

In this post, I told you about the Female Singers of India, who have been the Best Indian Female Singers.

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